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NORTH Salon is a place where you will uncover and celebrate your individuality, your authentic self-derived from your most deeply held beliefs, values and principles.  Where you will feel beautiful, sexy, calm, awakened, centered, and your true you.

NORTH Salon, Authentic Beauty Destination (short for True NORTH), is a boutique education-centric salon specializing in lived-in color, blondes, and textured cuts.  NORTH is a collective of talented stylists providing diverse beauty services, including hair color, hair cutting, smoothing treatments, relaxing and straightening, eyelash extensions, microblading, and makeup application.  NORTH Salon is also a retail space for high-end beauty products, jewelry and wellness items.



  • Color Retouch – From $75
  • Color Retouch & Refresh – From $85
  • Ammonia-Free Color – From $90
  • Partial Highlights – From $125
  • Full Highlights – From $145
  • Specialty Color and Balayage – From $150
  • Corrective Color – By Consultation Only

Hair cut and styling

  • Women’s Haircut – From $65
  • Men’s Haircut – From $45
  • Child’s Haircut (under 12) – From $35
  • Blow Dry – From $45
  • Simple Braid – From $30
  • Upstyle/Special Occasion – From $75

Conditioning Treatments

  • North’s Crystal Clarifying Treatment – From $35
  • North’s Nourish-Intense Treatment – From $35
  • North’s Novaturient Treatment – From $65
  • Olaplex Treatment – From $55

Eyelash/Eyebrow Extensions

  • Classic Eyelash ExtensionsFrom $250
  • Volume Eyelash Extensions – From $350
  • Classic Touch-Up – From $95
  • Volume Touch-Up – From $135
  • Volume Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions – From $350
  • Volume Eyelash Touch-up – From 135
  • Eyebrow Extensions Architecture – From $95

Nail Services

  • Signature Manicure – $30
  • Shellac Manicure – $55
  • Signature Pedicure – $35
  • North Pedicure (includes callus treatment and luxurious scrub) – $55

Texture Treatments

  • Kerasilk / Keratin Smoothing Treatment – From $250
  • Perms – From $150
  • Relaxer/Straightener – From $75

Skin Care/Makeup

  • Makeup Application – From $100
  • Microblading – From $600


Davines | Living Proof | Olaplex | Eufora Hero for Men | Shady Sun Tan Products | Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins | 12 Benefits | Borboleta Lash Maintenance | Eyenvy Lash Conditioner and Mascara | Sun Bum Sun Products | Capri Blue candles | Pillows and other decor items


Paradigm design | Christina Rose Jewelry | Ani Compton Fine Jewelry | Karma by the Sea | Deep Forest Designs


Meet the Owner

Natalie Palomino owner of North SalonNatalie Palomino

Natalie is not only the owner of North Salon, but is also a Hair Stylist and Lash Extension Specialist who is in love with her art, business, and guests.  NORTH Authentic, the brand behind North Salon, was Natalie’s brainchild, created and built over the last year before opening North Salon in April.  Desiring to find a special, beautiful space where her guests can feel cherished was primary behind the brand.  She feels, “We are always trying to do a hundred things a day.  We run, run, run trying to take care of our children, husbands, wives, loved ones, careers, to the point that we rarely get to feel completely supported, cherished, and taken care of.  I wanted North to be that for every woman and man that walk in.”  She also wanted to stress that not only is North a space to make you feel more beautiful, but that it is a space that values each individual as their own authentic self.  The goal at North is to find each person’s best look, based on their authentic needs, interests, desires, and lifestyles.

So why is it called NORTH Salon? I get this question a great deal.  Wanting to name the brand something that captures our dedication toward to helping every guest feel that they look the best they have ever looked, but still maintaining their authenticity, I searched high and low. Finally, one day I fell upon a building that had painted across it’s side, “Have you found your True North?”  It hit me.  I went straight to google to find out what this meant? The meaning, which we at NORTH now use to define us is, “True North is a fixed point in a spinning world that helps you stay on track. It is derived from your deeply held values, principles, purpose and authentic self. It is your internal compass, unique to you, representing who you are at your most authentic level.”  I absolutely love it, but for sake of respect of trademark laws (there is a True North Salon in Minnesota), I shortened it to NORTH.  I have worked endless hours and sought out amazing talented NORTH stylists and artists to try to create a beautiful space where every guest feels amazing.

Ready to book your appointment with North Salon? Click HERE or give us a call 949.627.9998!

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